Relative using PAC to change his colored player circle to appear as a Developer

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Relative asking MagicCat about his player circle (appears to be the first time he is curious about it)

[05:29:53 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: MagicCat how do you change your player circle color?
[05:30:05 PM] (STEAM_0:1:395611) MagicCat: ???
[05:30:11 PM] (STEAM_0:1:395611) MagicCat: its red
[05:30:28 PM] (STEAM_0:1:18611537) [SD] killer124n: its his rank color Relative

Thursday, April 30, 2015
Relative more than likely working on replacing his player circle via PAC

[10:30:40 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Tell me if I have a playercircle
[10:30:51 AM] (STEAM_0:0:30519623) [IJWTB] DLCoates1: yep
[10:30:54 AM] (STEAM_0:0:30519623) [IJWTB] DLCoates1: donor color
[10:31:00 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: ok

Several hours later, he starts going around the server asking anybody that will pay attention to him to look at his (now developer-colored) player circle.

[12:04:57 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Like my playercircle?
[12:05:18 PM] (STEAM_0:1:18611537) [SD] killer124n: it looks normal to me
[12:05:25 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Does it have a green color?
[12:05:41 PM] (STEAM_0:1:18611537) [SD] killer124n: ah it has a range detection
[12:05:46 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: no
[12:05:51 PM] (STEAM_0:1:18611537) [SD] killer124n: cant see it here
[12:05:54 PM] (STEAM_0:1:18611537) [SD] killer124n: can here
[12:05:57 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: It is a pac
[12:14:32 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: look at my player circle
[12:14:37 PM] (STEAM_0:0:30519623) [IJWTB] DLCoates1: can't atm
[12:14:40 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: k.
[12:14:50 PM] (STEAM_0:0:20272775) Artorias_N7: fokin relative
[12:14:52 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: yes?
[12:15:02 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: xD its just a player circle
[12:15:15 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: it doesn't mean im a dev xD
[12:15:27 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: player circles mean nothing xD

4 hours later, back at it again.

[04:03:01 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Nope
[04:03:06 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Its all done through PAC.
[04:03:09 PM] (STEAM_0:1:56468735) Attano: Oh
[04:03:12 PM] (STEAM_0:1:56468735) Attano: I see
[04:03:42 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: !pm attano "do you like my playercircle"
[04:03:44 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: !pm "?"
[04:03:57 PM] (STEAM_0:1:56468735) Attano: /pm relative its
[04:04:09 PM] (STEAM_0:1:56468735) Attano: /pm relative "oh i see it"
[04:04:14 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: !pm "It's green instead of blue xD"
[04:04:23 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: !pm "Attano" "its green instead of blue :)"
[04:04:24 PM] (STEAM_0:1:56468735) Attano: /pm relative "Its owner's XD"
[04:05:05 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: !pm attano "its a hacky sort of thing, it is a model with the sgm/playercircle material applied with 2 proxies"

[04:24:04 PM] (STEAM_0:1:80326772) [IJWTB] SpiFli: /pm "Relative" "how did u remove the original player circle

An hour later.

[05:30:42 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: sommer
[05:30:59 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78351194) King Kazma: Sup
[05:31:02 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: king
[05:31:14 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: King Kazma do you like my pac?
[05:31:23 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78351194) King Kazma: It's censored
[05:31:26 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78351194) King Kazma: Ayy
[05:31:27 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: my player model
[05:31:30 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: i mean my circle
[05:48:51 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: attano
[05:48:53 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: !goto attano
[05:48:58 PM] (STEAM_0:1:56468735) Attano: Yes
[05:49:01 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: do you like it?
[05:50:02 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: MacDeth <3's Dreae
[05:50:08 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Do you like my playercircle?
[05:50:27 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: look at my playercircle
[05:50:49 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: !goto "[([__FALLEN-REBEL__])]"
[05:51:00 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: itz raygegaming2.0
[05:51:06 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Do you like my playercircle?
[05:51:40 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: [IJWTB] Ninjapony21
[05:51:44 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: like my playercircle?
[05:53:22 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: King Kazma
[05:53:26 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78351194) King Kazma: Wassup
[05:53:28 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78351194) King Kazma: fgt
[05:53:32 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Do you see my playercircle?
[05:53:35 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78351194) King Kazma: Yes.
[05:53:39 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78351194) King Kazma: you're a scrub.
[05:53:39 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: What color?
[05:53:42 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78351194) King Kazma: Green

Friday, May 1, 2015
Relative showing Jumping Spiders his developer-colored player circle

[02:06:30 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Jumping Spiders Are Cute
[02:06:34 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: look at my playercircle
[02:06:58 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: look at my playercircle under me
[02:07:03 PM] (STEAM_0:0:53571842) Jumping Spiders Are Cute: i see that it is green
[02:07:10 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: :D

An hour and a half later, asking if he is allowed to do this.
This question should have been relayed up toward the Supers and to me, since this should have never been allowed in the first place.

[03:46:21 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Can you change your player circle with pac"
[03:46:21 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: ?
[03:46:30 PM] (STEAM_0:0:24821916) Tw21: not that i know of
[03:46:37 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: i'M ASKING IF IT'S ALLOWED
[03:46:39 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Sorry caps
[03:46:41 PM] (STEAM_0:0:24821916) Tw21: oh
[03:46:46 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: I have a green one
[03:46:57 PM] (STEAM_0:0:24821916) Tw21: It wouldn't make a difference, so long as you dont pass off as a staff
[03:47:07 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: I changed it to a dev color xD
[03:47:11 PM] (STEAM_0:0:24821916) Tw21: fine
[03:47:16 PM] (STEAM_0:0:24821916) Tw21: but dont act as staff
[03:47:18 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Yeah

Saturday, May 2, 2015
Multiple people are now asking and aware of how Relative is changing his player circle to be developer-colored

[07:24:38 PM] (STEAM_0:0:64996054) Banter: wtf... how does relative have a green circle xD
[07:24:54 PM] (STEAM_0:0:53571842) Jumping Spiders Are Cute: /pm banter "pac3"
[07:25:07 PM] (STEAM_0:0:30519623) [IJWTB] DLCoates1: Relative has green circle cuz of pac

2 hours later, Meowler asking how Relative has the developer-colored player circle.
Again, this should have been handled differently by relaying it up to the Supers and myself.

[09:46:23 PM] (STEAM_0:1:12438880) Meowler Tails Prower: relative, how did you get a green circle under you?
[09:46:30 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: No reason
[09:46:33 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: (pac)
[09:46:38 PM] (STEAM_0:1:12438880) Meowler Tails Prower: hax!!!
[09:46:57 PM] (STEAM_0:1:12438880) Meowler Tails Prower: *throws monitors at yous*

An hour and a half later, a random message from Relative to SpiFli (Ariss)

[11:12:14 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: !pm "[IJWTB] SpiFli" "i told you how to use the player circle
[11:12:29 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: !pm "[IJWTB] SpiFli" "N*&ga.

Saturday, May 3, 2015
Relative once again asking players about his player circle

[09:36:01 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: star do you like my pac?
[09:36:06 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: /thirdperson
[09:36:09 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: SHUT UP BLACK
[09:36:20 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: how what
[09:36:34 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: but do you like my pac
[09:36:38 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: its a pink playercircle too
[09:36:41 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: it looks cool

Half an hour later, Star is now curious about how to change his player circle

[10:04:33 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78012074) Star: I need to edit the playercircle
[10:04:39 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78012074) Star: Anyone know how?

Thursday, May 14, 2015
Just an interesting point brought up by Banter, related to Relative using the developer-colored player circle

[08:50:20 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Deemo you aren't supposed to impersonate staff.
[08:50:27 PM] (STEAM_0:0:89179360) ^0Deemo: its a false ball
[08:51:05 PM] (STEAM_0:0:64996054) Banter: says relative, who had a green circle

Sunday, July 5, 2015
Relative using PAC to appear to have the same color of player circle as a developer

[10:52:12 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: !teamcolor 5
[10:52:16 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: !teamcolor -1
[10:52:24 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: !color 30,90,0
[10:52:31 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: christiano
[10:52:36 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: cum here
[10:52:43 AM] (STEAM_0:0:36373825) Christian: !goto rela
[10:52:49 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: look at my player circle
[10:52:54 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[10:53:05 AM] (STEAM_0:0:36373825) Christian: i dun see it
[10:53:10 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: do you have PAC?
[10:53:16 AM] (STEAM_0:0:37551399) Not Holst: its kinda darker
[10:53:25 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: is it green?
[10:53:31 AM] (STEAM_0:0:37551399) Not Holst: yeah?
[10:53:42 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: its dev color
[10:53:59 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: if a developer(thomas or scott) joins they'll have the same playercircle as mine

Random, half an hour later.

[11:24:46 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: king
[11:24:53 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: comE HERE NOW
[11:24:57 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78351194) King Kazma: Why relative
[11:24:59 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: NOW
[11:25:08 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78351194) King Kazma: wat
[11:25:09 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Looky at my color circle
[11:25:12 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78351194) King Kazma: k
[11:25:16 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78351194) King Kazma: it's purple
[11:25:21 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: BULLSHIT
[11:25:27 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78351194) King Kazma: It's purple doe.
[11:25:29 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78351194) King Kazma: LOL

Monday, July 6, 2015 (One day prior to Relative's permanent ban)
Relative showing Artorias that he can change his player circle to the developer color.
Once again, should have been handled differently.

[12:27:12 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Artorias_N7 look at my player circle
[12:27:22 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: OH IT'S PURPLE U WOT
[12:27:25 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: wait look
[12:27:38 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: !color 30,90,0
[12:27:45 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: very inconspicous
[12:27:52 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: now look
[12:28:20 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: I am god at PAC3
[12:28:22 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Watch this
[12:28:56 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: muahahahaha
[12:29:00 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: -text MAGIC
[12:29:06 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: -text Hacks
[12:29:15 PM] (STEAM_0:0:20272775) Artorias_N7: add me to can damage nerd
[12:29:18 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: i no add u to canDmg
[12:29:22 PM] (STEAM_0:0:20272775) Artorias_N7: ill show you what a real pac can do