Relative modifying his scoreboard country/OS icon and hover text

Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Relative showing players that he changed his OS text (first known occurrence)

[10:31:55 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: Sammeh
[10:31:57 AM] (STEAM_0:1:6165570) Sammehpuff: ( ? ?? ?)
[10:32:05 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: Sammeh
[10:32:21 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: Open the scoreboard and hover over the windows icon next to my name
[10:32:29 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: Tell me what it says
[10:32:37 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: what?
[10:32:40 AM] (STEAM_0:1:6165570) Sammehpuff: You have Linux <_<
[10:32:47 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: ok it worked
[10:32:57 AM] (STEAM_0:1:6165570) Sammehpuff: A MAC! D:<
[10:33:05 AM] (STEAM_0:0:36373825) Christian: it says you come from hax
[10:33:09 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: yeh.
[10:33:36 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: I was tesing my gmod lua function spoofing

Thursday, April 2, 2015
Relative showing players that he changed his country flag/hover text

[09:00:40 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: doomtaters
[09:00:44 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: can you hover over my country
[09:00:52 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: flag in the scoreboard?
[09:01:05 PM] (STEAM_0:1:41159906) Doomtaters: relative how
[09:01:10 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: lel not sharing

[09:13:24 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: doom
[09:13:27 PM] (STEAM_0:1:41159906) Doomtaters: hi
[09:13:29 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: hover over my os icon
[09:13:32 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: in the tablist
[09:13:34 PM] (STEAM_0:1:41159906) Doomtaters: nah
[09:13:38 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: pls
[09:13:41 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: lel
[09:14:14 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: Tw21
[09:14:28 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: Hover over my os icon in the tablist
[09:14:29 PM] (STEAM_0:0:24821916) Tw21: ?
[09:14:35 PM] (STEAM_0:0:24821916) Tw21: /goto relative
[09:14:43 PM] [Team] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: In the scoreboar
[09:14:53 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: In the scoreboard, hover over my OS icon in the tablist.
[09:14:54 PM] (STEAM_0:0:24821916) Tw21: ok?
[09:14:58 PM] (STEAM_0:1:26521792) Orca Hugs: It says spam
[09:14:58 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: tell me what it says
[09:15:02 PM] (STEAM_0:0:24821916) Tw21: windows
[09:15:05 PM] (STEAM_0:0:24821916) Tw21: now spawm
[09:15:09 PM] (STEAM_0:0:24821916) Tw21: spam*
[09:15:11 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: yeyeyeye
[09:15:13 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: it worked

Friday, April 3, 2015
Relative showing players the scoreboard stuff again

[08:46:58 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: shades
[08:47:04 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: hover over my country in the scoreboard
[08:47:19 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: Press tab
[08:47:28 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: Hax.
[08:47:44 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: You'll be the first person I'll ever tell this to
[08:47:46 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: Don't tell anyone else :P
[08:47:57 AM] (STEAM_0:0:36373825) Christian: tell me
[08:48:23 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: Not telling you Christian
[08:48:29 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: I'd rather just have this exclusive
[08:49:00 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: Shades
[08:49:03 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: Look in steamchat
[08:49:07 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: i gave you the console command
[08:49:23 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: Just change Hell to any country name or invalid country name at all
[08:49:37 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: So like change Hell to IJWTB is my favorite server!
[08:50:25 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: wat
[08:50:42 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: Who wants to know how I changed my country name>
[08:51:05 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: You can't get banned for it
[08:51:11 AM] (STEAM_0:0:36373825) Christian: for what
[08:51:12 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: It is an open function that is able to do anything with net

Monday, April 6, 2015
And again

[09:02:28 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: Hover over my OS icon in the scoreboard you fagit.
[09:02:33 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: Tell me what it says
[09:02:37 AM] (STEAM_0:0:79456539) ?? Kura Nee-Chan ??: fagget*
[09:02:38 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) [IJWTB] InF || Relative: And tell me if you can do that?
[09:02:39 AM] (STEAM_0:1:21707646) Mr. Taco: "windows"
[09:02:46 AM] (STEAM_0:0:79456539) ?? Kura Nee-Chan ??: or faggot
[09:02:49 AM] (STEAM_0:1:53685142) Ze Self-Deploying Sentry Mann: well everyone here has windows
[09:02:50 AM] (STEAM_0:0:79456539) ?? Kura Nee-Chan ??: not fagit

Tuesday, May 5, 2015
And again again again

[06:59:58 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Look at where I live on the scoreboard
[07:00:07 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Hover your cursor over the flag icon next to my name
[07:00:10 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: FLAG./
[07:00:23 AM] (STEAM_0:1:395611) MagicCat: lol hell
[07:00:25 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: xD
[07:00:30 AM] (STEAM_0:1:395611) MagicCat: proxie?
[07:00:35 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Now look at it
[07:00:48 AM] (STEAM_0:1:395611) MagicCat: Haha
[07:00:53 AM] (STEAM_0:1:395611) MagicCat: e2
[07:00:57 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Nop./
[07:01:07 AM] (STEAM_0:1:395611) MagicCat: proxie
[07:01:09 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: no.
[07:01:16 AM] (STEAM_0:1:395611) MagicCat: ip hider
[07:01:20 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Nop.
[07:01:25 AM] (STEAM_0:1:395611) MagicCat: ......?
[07:01:28 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Lua.
[07:01:52 AM] (STEAM_0:1:395611) MagicCat: can you change the flag icon?
[07:01:55 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Yeah
[07:02:02 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: But it won't auto update.
[07:02:14 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: In theory I could change it to anything
[07:02:43 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: To any icon
[07:02:45 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: I'll test this
[07:04:54 AM] (STEAM_0:1:6165570) Sammehpuff: Relative
[07:04:59 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Yeah?
[07:04:59 AM] (STEAM_0:1:6165570) Sammehpuff: Your country! xD
[07:05:02 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Yeah.
[07:05:05 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: What happened to it
[07:05:07 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: ?
[07:05:11 AM] (STEAM_0:1:6165570) Sammehpuff: It got bombed
[07:05:17 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Wat?
[07:05:36 AM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Yeah, I live in ../icon16/remove.
[07:05:40 AM] (STEAM_0:1:6165570) Sammehpuff: ( ? ?? ?)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

[06:40:05 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: the flags have been fucked up to always be US because of me
[06:40:43 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: i was setting my country to anything I wanted
[06:40:48 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Like once I set my country to hell
[06:41:18 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: I believe it's also possible to bypass path restrictions to use any icon
[06:41:23 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: :P
[06:41:35 PM] [Team] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: ../icons16/remove XD

Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Never gonna stop

[08:38:48 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Loui2
[08:39:02 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Loui2
[08:39:06 PM] (STEAM_0:0:53610066) Loui2: ?
[08:39:10 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: what country do I live in?
[08:39:21 PM] (STEAM_0:0:53610066) Loui2: I don't know o.o
[08:39:25 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: check scoreboard :P
[08:39:41 PM] (STEAM_0:0:53610066) Loui2: The land of Linux lol
[08:39:48 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: muahahahahaha
[08:39:51 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: xD
[08:40:04 PM] (STEAM_0:0:53610066) Loui2: Why you haxing :3
[08:42:16 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: loui hover over the linux icon next to my name
[08:42:35 PM] (STEAM_0:0:53610066) Loui2: Shows a incomplete folder path
[08:42:47 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: well you see the two dots?
[08:42:56 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: it escapes and goes back a folder path
[08:43:13 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: then loads icon16 from the game content, then loads the tux png
[08:43:32 PM] (STEAM_0:0:53610066) Loui2: What exactly is?
[08:43:46 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: tux png is what the linux icon is
[08:43:56 PM] (STEAM_0:0:53610066) Loui2: Is that a E2 though or what?
[08:44:16 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: nope
[08:58:36 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: look in tab
[08:58:47 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: look in tab menu
[08:59:25 PM] (STEAM_0:0:32477727) Zynava: You changed it in Steam?
[08:59:28 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: nope
[08:59:40 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: it gets it from system.GetCountry() in this server
[09:00:06 PM] (STEAM_0:0:32477727) Zynava: Relative: From the country of /icons/creditcards
[09:00:09 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: yes

And finally Relative being banned for continuing to do it after so many times.
The ban was automated and forced him to say the following message on the server.

[09:16:45 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: Zynava, look at my country and OS icons now :D
[09:19:28 PM] DISCONNECT: Relative (STEAM_0:0:78056559) disconnected.
[09:19:29 PM] CONNECT: Relative (STEAM_0:0:78056559) connecting.
[09:20:08 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: I'd like to inform you all that I am a script kiddie that snoops and steals other creator's content even after being warned to stop
[09:20:15 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: erm
[09:20:18 PM] (STEAM_0:0:78056559) Relative: okay bye
[09:20:20 PM] (STEAM_0:0:53610066) Loui2: lol?
[09:20:32 PM] DISCONNECT: Relative (STEAM_0:0:78056559) disconnected.
-- Banned permanently for "And skiddies get what they deserve."